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The choice is in your hands. Just pick the one that suites you best. Major discounts on one-year up to three-year products.

The most favourable product from our Bonus offer

gives you a discount on the price of gas supply, compared to the dominant gas supplier up to 8 %. It depends on you how long you want to use the Modrý plyn – 12, 24 or 36 months.

Discounts with product BONUS
Fixed periodDiscount in 1st year
36 months8 %
24 months7 %
12 months6 %

If you prefer a product without a fixed period, you can use our Progres offer with a progressive discount rate.

The longer you will be our customer, the bigger discount you will get.

Discounts with product PROGRES
 Discount rate
0–6 months2 %
6–12 months5 %
12–18 months7 %
18–24 months 10 %

Basic discount with product “Klasik”

Based on the pricelist, you can have gas supply with a possibility to terminate the contract anytime during first 12 months. Discount on gas supply is in amount of 3%.

Every household, regardless of its consumption can choose any type of the product.

Do you heat wirth gas?

S Modrým plynom ušetríte viac ako 100 € za rok*

* Approximate savings compared to the dominant gas supplier in Slovakia (consumption of 54,5 MWh per year, tariff D3)

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