RWE Group

The German RWE group is among the 5 largest energy companies in Europe. It supplies gas to Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Central European countries.

Volume of sold gas: 306,8 TWh (5–times the annual consumption of Slovakia itself)
Number of gas customers: 7.7 million
Number of electricity customers:  16.4 million

The peace of mind RWE provides its customers with via gas deliveries:

  • Reliable and safe gas deliveries – RWE has concluded long-term gas delivery contracts with both Russia and from Scandinavia. In addition it has sufficient natural gas capacity in underground storage areas within all the countries in which we operates, including Slovakia.

  • The stability and experience provided by one of the largest energy groups, on the energy market that has been in existence for more than 110 years. The RWE Group secures a wide range of services - from natural gas extraction to the production of electricity and delivery to final end users.

  • Partnership in the Nabucco project and other international activities that are increasing the stability of natural gas supplies in Europe.

RWE's position in key markets

Market Gas Electricity
Germany No. 3 No. 1
Great Britain No. 4 No. 4
The Netherlands No. 2 No. 1
Central Europe No. 3 in Hungary
No. 2 in Slovakia
No. 1 in the Czech Republic
No. 2 in Hungary
No. 3 in Slovakia
No. 5 in Poland
Starting position in the Czech Republic
Starting position in Turkey

(Data from 2012)

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